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Liu Yan Kun

Yankun's journey in music began at the tender age of five when she took her first steps into the enchanting world of piano. Just a year later, her curiosity led her to explore singing, dancing, and acting. From early on, the realm of music captivated her, inspiring a deep passion that continues to burn brightly.

Having graced numerous stages, Yankun's performance experience is both extensive and diverse. As a child, she was invited to showcase her talents at Disneyland in Los Angeles, where she took part in a captivating musical show. This pivotal moment ignited her love for musical theatre, setting her on a lifelong path.

Yankun's talents have garnered recognition through various singing competitions worldwide. She achieved distinction in the music theory examination by the esteemed "Royal Schools of Music" at the 5th grade level, and excelled in piano examinations at the 8th grade level. In high school, she delved into the realm of Pop Musical Theatre and later pursued studies in Broadway Musical Theatre and Vocal Performance at the renowned University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Immersing herself in the world of performing arts, Yankun had the opportunity to participate in the Musical Theater camp organized by the esteemed "New York Film Academy," where she learned from and interacted with well-known actors on Broadway. Her talent has graced the stage in famous Broadway musicals such as "Wicked" and "Grease" during her time in the United States. She further enriched her musical knowledge by obtaining a bachelor's degree from the University of West London, delving into music production, recording, and vocal performance.

As a Pop Vocal Performance and Musical Theatre instructor, Yankun is determined to discover and nurture more talents who share her passion for the stage. Her mission is to create better platforms and provide professional guidance for Asian Musical Theatre enthusiasts. With a unique teaching approach, she aims to ignite a love for pop music and musical theatre in her students while offering them a wealth of invaluable advice. If you're ready to embark on an exciting musical journey, don't hesitate to reach out and join us under Yankun's guidance. Unleash your true musical potential today!

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