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Meisin has been a Music Instructor at Lee Wei Song School Of Music since 2009. She is a singer, an actress, and a dancer all-in-one, with experiences in many large arts performances and product endorsements.

As a singer and an ex-member of the Pheromone group, she has released a single for a song titled “private music (私房音乐)” of the movie titled “All about women (女人不坏)” directed by Tsui Hark.  As an actress, she played major and minor roles in several Chinese TV shows including “My World My Blog”, “Yes We Can!”and “Your Hand in Mine” (青色部落格”,”我们一定行”, “想握你的手”).

As a dance instructor, Meisin has won numerous accolades and competitions, including being named recently as the overall winner of Dance for Your Dream in Malaysia in 2011 and a finalist at a Taiwan Creative Dance Competition (美人计创意舞蹈大赛) in 2010.  She took part in many stage performances including TVB Awards 2014 and Chingay 2013.

Her recent portfolio includes the endorsement of the Biolab brand air purifier and the female lead in a PROPNEX advertisement.

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