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Pop Vocals 

Know your voice like you have never before



The Instrument

The basics of singing can be so simple but profound. In fact, we believe its life-changing. Here’s a glance of the trainings:

  • Proper Breath Control for Power

  • Posture Corrections for Release

  • Resonance Focusing for Vocalisation

Retro Singer


The Literature

Call us old-fashioned, but the only way to improve is to read more, listen more, and sing more. You are going to be a musician, so be prepared to learn the following:

  • Solfège, scales and interval singing

  • Common rhythmic patterns and groove

  • Differentiate and sing various genres of songs

  • Understand and sing to the context of the lyrics



The Report Card

Singing is communication after all. Which is why we always challenge our vocal students to sing to an audience.  To perform or to compete, just to keep it alive.

  • Vocal Expression Training

  • Participate in Open Mic Sessions in school

  • Perform in Public Gigs

 pvs teens.jpg


11 Year Old - 17 Year Old 

Minimum 3 Students 
Maximum 6 Students 

Duration: 1 Hour  




18 Year Old and Above

Minimum 3 Students 
Maximum 6 Students 

Duration: 1 Hour 

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