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Madeleine Tan

Updated: May 19, 2023

Meet Madeleine Tan, a former banker who followed her heart and found her true passion in the world of music. As a composer, Madeleine is celebrated for her ability to craft unforgettable melodies. Her innovative approach to instrumentation and voicing allows her to create a distinctive style tailored to each film. With a strong belief in collaborative teamwork, Madeleine strives for a unified vision to effectively convey the message of the film.

Madeleine possesses extensive knowledge in both contemporary and orchestral music. During her time in New York, she collaborated with prestigious dance companies such as the Second Avenue Dance Company and Young Dancemakers Company. In the 23rd Season of the Young Dancemarkers Company in 2018, Madeleine composed "The Rippled Effect." This groundbreaking project involved working closely with student choreographers to create original pieces. The composition was performed at various venues in New York, including the Ailey Citigroup Theatre in New York City. Closer to home, Madeleine collaborated with Frontier Danceland, composing music for their dance production titled "Unlock." This piece was showcased at the International Platform for Choreographers 2022, hosted by the International Dance Festival in Portugal.

Madeleine has also made significant contributions to the Singapore Repertory Theatre. She has worked on several productions, including "The Nightingale" and "LKY - The Musical." In 2018, she served as the Composer and Music Director for their year-end production, "Nursery Crimes." Additionally, in 2020, Madeleine composed and produced "I Am Fluent In Silence," a poignant piece that sheds light on mental health. This composition premiered on September 9, coinciding with World Suicide Prevention Day. "I Am Fluent In Silence" received Finalist status at the Eurasia International Film Festival in 2021.

Madeleine holds a Master's Degree in Music Theory and Composition, specializing in Scoring for Film and Multimedia, from New York University. She was honored with the Excellence in Graduate Music Composition and Film Music Awards during her studies. Currently based in Singapore, Madeleine continues to pursue her passion for music, captivating audiences with her evocative compositions and unwavering dedication to her craft.

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