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Sharyn Toh

Sharyn is a passionate and experienced musician with a diverse background in music education and performance. With over two decades of teaching experience and a strong foundation in piano and electone, she had the privilege of inspiring and nurturing the musical talents of numerous students.

She was awarded the prestigious Yamaha scholarship program, allowing her to perform in public places, schools, and shopping malls. She was also a certified Teacher, with a Diploma in Education Psychology, a full Yamaha grade 4 certification, electone, piano & fundamentals, The Associate Diploma for Trinity piano solo, Solo Piano Grade 8 and Theory of Music Grade 8 from The Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music.

Her expertise extends beyond music education. She possesses strong communicative skills, particularly in engaging with children, and she excels in improvisation and impromptu composition. She has conducted seminars and workshops, leveraging music as a platform for improving parent-child bonding.

Sharyn has the privilege of working with esteemed institutions such as LWS Music Academy, Shanghai Singapore International School (SSIS) in China, and Forest International School in France. In these roles, she conducted masterclasses, taught piano, integrated syllabuses, organised events, and fostered a sense of community among students and parents. Additionally, her tenure at Yamaha Music Asia Pte Ltd as a Music Instructor exposed her to teaching various courses, organising recitals, and participating in competitions and festivals.

Throughout her career, she has been recognized for her mentorship, school contributions, and outstanding performances in numerous competitions, including the Yamaha Electone Festival and the Singapore Electone Festival.

 With a deep passion for music and a commitment to inspiring the next generation of musicians, she is excited to bring her skills, expertise, and creativity to new opportunities. She believes in the transformative power of music education and the joy it brings to both students and educators alike.

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