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Jason Ng

Updated: May 16, 2023

Meet Jason, a passionate and versatile music instructor with a lifelong connection to the world of music. Starting piano lessons at the age of four, he quickly developed a love for music. By eight, Jason's talent caught the attention of his school's choir director, leading him to join the choir. At thirteen, he became a member of the school's symphony orchestra, solidifying his dedication to music.

Jason's enthusiasm for performance flourished from a young age, often showcasing his skills on campus. His passion extended to street magic, where he honed his craft during high school while volunteering. However, it was at a bar performance when Jason received life-changing encouragement from the owner, who recognized his potential for a career in music. Inspired by these words, he pursued stage opportunities, seeking mentorship to further his skills.

Throughout his musical journey, Jason has explored diverse singing styles, including rock, R&B, pop, musical theater, and K-pop. He has graced various venues, working as a resident singer, vocal teacher, and performing at events, music festivals, and online livestreams. Noteworthy achievements include performances at Singapore's anniversary celebration, the Bishan Sports Hall, and serving as a vocal coach for renowned artists like TFBoys and Typhoon Teens. He has also signed contracts with livestream companies as a recognized artist.

Jason's passion for teaching led him to become a vocal instructor in 2014, where he shares his on-stage experience and performance techniques with students. He currently teaches at the esteemed Lee Wei Song Music Academy and actively participates as a judge in Singaporean singing competitions.

In 2020, Jason graduated from The Songwriting Music College, specializing in composition and music production. His creative style leans towards rock, electronic music, and heartfelt ballads. Recently, he has ventured into music arrangement, expanding his repertoire and artistic abilities.

With an impressive background, Jason's dedication and talent make him an exceptional music instructor. Whether you desire to enhance your vocal skills, explore different genres, or seek guidance in stage performance, Jason's expertise will propel you towards success. Join him on an enlightening and exciting musical journey as he continues to make a significant impact in the music industry.

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